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2005-03-30 - 11:13 p.m.

Today was a trial, but I had some fun anyway. I'm on the road, staying in Baton Rouge tonight. I started my trip off by going the wrong way. I mean, I totally took the wrong route and went to the wrong town. I meant to go to Baton Rouge and instead, I went to Lafayette. I did not realize my mistake until I was in Alexandria. Way too late to turn back. I just had to go on to Lafayette and go to Baton Rouge from there. It takes longer, but it's better roads and a more pleasant trip. It was ok.

One time I got lost. Reeeeeeal lost. I somehow got off into the hood. And when I say the hood, I mean a place where you shouldn't be caught after dark if you want to live. I was getting pretty scared, because I was getting loster and loster. I couldn't even back track and find where I had come from. It was the kind of neighborhood that you don't stop to ask for help.

Cause you wanna live.

Aaaaanyways... I finally spotted a cop car at the Auto Zone. I stopped and went inside to find him and ask for help finding the interstate. He helped me out. He also told me it was a dangerous place to be and he would definitely not be there if he were not assigned there for work.

At some point while I was in that town, I went inside a gas station to see if I could pick up a low carb snack and guess what was inside???

Fresh, hot, donuts.

CRIKEY! Says I. Not donuts!!!!

I have not had real sugar in 3 weeks, I have been avoiding carbs and here I was... walking through the valley of the shadow of donuts... fearing no evil... but damn near going on a donut eating rampage. I wanted a donut so bad. Actually, I wanted about 3 donuts so bad. I almost did it. I was rationalizing and justifying left and right, but ultimately, I left the evil donuts and got the hell out of Dodge.

Whew. Close one.

I have taken my melatonin and I'm about to fall out. I cannot believe how well that stuff works.

I had a crazy dream last night. I dreamed that I was working on a covert mission with the CIA and they had these needles with tracking devices inside them. They would push the needles under the skin of people they wanted to track. I was in on the mission, but I knew at any time, they could turn on me. There was a very tall man with reddish, strawberry blond hair and he was very serious. We were walking along and he asked me if I had a needle in my hand yet. I didn't want one, but I knew I had to go along with it or possibly be killed, so I held my hand out and watched him shove a long needle into the palm of my hand with the entry point being the spot between my middle finger and ring finger on the right hand. Then I knew I was trackable. I watched the needle go in, and expected it to hurt a lot, but it didn't hurt.

Weird dream.

OK, I am almost too sleepy to go on. I gots to go.

Later gators...

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