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2005-02-27 - 7:02 p.m.

I took some pictures of a couple of cool sights along the way to Baton Rouge.

First, there is this cool house that is just LARGE and interesting. It looks like it wasn't a house when it was built. Someone has moved this building here and remodeled it into a house. I'd love to know the history of this building though. It is way up off the ground, and the owner parks underneath it. The porch runs the whole length and each end of the porch has a cut out of a sunburst up near the roof. The windows are sort of Amityville Horroresque, and there are lots of interesting details on the building. The people have put in a big fountain in the front yard and it just looks like a neat place to be.

Behold the Glory

I pulled up closer and got a side shot. It looks really interesting on the ends:

Here's a shot from farther back:

And another one

Then... I was driving along one day, taking in the sights, when I noticed a ginormous Mammy standing along side the road:

Mammy... My Sweet Mammy

There's never enough mammy, and never enough cowbell, so here's some mo' Mammy:

Notice the nifty pink brick skirt. This is a quaint little place. It's called "Mammy's Cupboard" and they sell lunches and jars of jelly and stuff like that. Curiously, there were bazillions of lady bugs inside the windows. They were crawling around on the windows. Mammy's Cupboard was closed when I happened by. One of these days I'll stop in.


I plan to take some pictures of some antebellum mansions on my next trip down. Maybe the haunted "Myrtles Plantation". It's one of the most haunted places in the USA and I pass by it every time I go down south. I'm definitely stopping in one day.

Still not getting enough cowbell.

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