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2005-01-14 - 11:31 p.m.

I've been on an odyssey this week. I burned up some serious miles, worked at 3 hospitals plus attended one seminar, all in seperate cities. I conference called with hospital A while driving between hospitals B and C. I got lost 3 times today alone. I've spanned the whole state this week from the northernmost tip to New Orleans and several points in between.

The sucky part is that I didn't get home until 11 pm tonight. But next week I'll leave Baton Rouge no later than 2 pm on Friday to make sure I get home at a decent time. I spent too long at hospital B and had to rush through hospital C. Next week I'll even it up.

I saw an exit to a place called Grosse Tete. It calls up a certain image...

Anyway... the seminar was good and I now have the blessed assurance that I know what I'm doing in that arena and it's similar to the payment system I already know. Our corporate team went into strategy mode and that is always fun to me. I love strategy and crunch time. I also love to teach the new stuff to the other employees and I started with that today. I feel happy about my job. And my life.

After the seminar, the 5 of us who attended went back to the home office and had a crazy meeting with the CEO. It was like some kind of secret squirrel, top security, covert operation or something. It was fun and we all have our own strategic tasks to pull off in the next period of time. I am never happier than when I know exactly what I have before me.

This was a really good week.

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