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2005-10-14 - 8:52 p.m.

So I didn't go to the Ozarks this weekend as planned. I had a few reasons for this. Mainly, I was exhausted from all week of travel, travel, and more travel. Then I realized that the trip I had planned for myself was going to require me to come in from all week of traveling, get in my car for 7 hours on Friday, rest for one beautiful day in the Ozarks, then hit the road again for the 7 hour trip home. Then I would have zero rest time before having to get back to the grind which is a mandatory 200 miles a day, when I don't go anywhere special. That's right... 200 miles a day is the norm. This week it was more than that, because I had to go between Shreveport, Monroe, Lafayette, Ville Platte, Baton Rouge and back. Anyway, my ass was tired.

This was not helped by the fact that I made the absolutely stupidest driving boo-boo I've ever made, as far as trip navigation goes. I have gotten myself lost before, many times, but this was extra stupid, because I managed to lose myself on a trip I know absolutely by heart. Here's what happened:

I was driving along from Baton Rouge to Lafayette. I was on Interstate 10 W. All I had to do was get to Lafayette and then get on I49 N. Simple. It was maybe 45 miles down the road, straight ahead. No way I could mess that up. Right?


An hour and a half later, I'm driving along, thinking my thoughts.... Mr. Philly knows what I think about when I'm driving... and suddenly I noticed that all the signs were saying I was almost to Lake Charles. That city is not on my list-o-places to go at all. So I had gone waaaaay out of my way, as I was apparently on automatic pilot. I had to double back and redo that whole misguided leg of the trip. So I went back after a panicky time of trying to figure out how far back I went wrong. And guess what? I passed it up again. I went about 10 miles too far. It was like the twilight zone. I couldn't believe it. I had to stop at a gas station and ask somebody and I pulled up next to a lonnnnng pimp looking ride. Ok, I was clearly not operating on all my cylinders, because I did stop at the pimp-mobile. I rolled down the window and a giant pimp opened his car door and the back car door opened too. I felt a little nervous, but I asked for directions as if I were not nervous. I said "Mr. Pimp, sir, could you please not murder me?"

I kid...

I just asked where the heck they are hiding Lafayette these days and he very kindly gave me the info I needed. So I was in Lafayette at around 8:30 pm, when I should have been home. Lafayette is a little over 3 hours from home. So that was a treat. I got in around midnight, so exhausted.

I realized at some point that my stupid maneuvers had added a long stretch to my travel time and I decided I wasn't going on a road trip this weekend. I had taken today off ahead of time so I could do the weekend trip, so I had a free day off today and I still have my whole weekend to enjoy. I'm glad. Last week was kind of hellish, what with missing Seether in Mississippi and all the secret mission-impossible projects at work, and traveling, and covert happenings I had going on. I had fun too, but it was stressy. Next week promises to be stressy too. One of my hospitals has sprung another last minute medstaff meeting on me and I am expected to give some detailed reports that I don't have on hand. That will have to be done Monday and Tuesday. I hate it when other people arbitrarily plan up my days like that.

My doctor files are in a mess because they've been on the back burner. I hired a kid to do chart flow, but I'm starting to think she's a complete air head. I may have to get someone else. I don't know if this kid can do it. I can't take a day off without my underlings calling me forty-leven times. My phone rang so many times today and after awhile I would say "That had better not be someone from work" BUT GUESS WHAT??? It always was.

Blah blah blah, workidy work work. Co-worker, meeting, blarrrrgghhh.

And that's about it.

On a lighter note... I love Korn. (The band.) I'm hearing a bootlegged recording right now. They have a new contract for 2 new albums and this makes me almost shed a tear of joy.


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