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2007-07-02 - 2:04 p.m.

Happy Monday!!

It's raining again! Woot. It just makes you feel so alive when one of those Texas sized drops of rain slaps your head hard enough to hurt. Does wonders for my kinky curly mess of hair too!! Did I bring the rain to Texas, or is this some kind of a coincidence? Seriously, it has rained approximately DAILY since I moved here. I suppose it is better than oppressive heat.

Way to be positive, right?

I must update you on Miss Scarlett's exploits in Second Life. I recently made mention of the fact that me and my special spikey boy were history, again.

Well, put on your party shoes, cause we are officially "friends" again. It's not that we ended badly. It was an amicable split, but we missed each other and it has been established that the friendship is on, as are the fringe benefits, but we're not going to be an official couple anymore. But he wants me to be faithful. Ain't that cute?

In other virtual news, I accidentally deleted the walls of my house, AGAIN. I am so sad that I have to report that this is not a one time fluke, but in fact something that has occurred repeatedly. I felt like a moron the first time. Sooooooooo... since my island home used to be my home with my boy, and I felt sad there anyway... I decided to change it all up. I made it into this trippy, otherwordly, magical foresty looking place. I put gigantic magic mushrooms everywhere, wisteria trees, and cool stuff like a mystical gazing ball, color changing spirit fire, 3 ridiculous looking crazy ridem toys on springs, and a gothic gazebo, which I duplicated, so there are 6 rooms of the gothic gazebo structure with different types of furniture and dancing poses in there. I put a big screen TV in one of the rooms and a cool sofa with lots of poses. I might put a giant frog somewhere on the land. I had fun changing it up. I put so many plants and things around that it seems very secluded. Now I want to show my friends, but if his royal hiney sees men on my land, we will have another unfortunate situation on our hands. HA. He's SO damn jealous for a "used to be". He told me he loves me and cannot bear it.

I don't know what will ever happen, but it seems unlikely that my life will ever again not be touched by this guy in some way. We have a fatal attraction.

I am on my lunch break right now. I had a pretty eventful morning of it around here. We've had an executive meeting and now I've got lots of stuff to keep me busy this afternoon. I just got done doctoring up some meeting minutes and now I have a brand new set of minutes to create.

This morning the clinical director came by my office and asked me if I had given the admin asst. a list of doctors to invite to the med staff. That meeting was scheduled for TODAY and she's asking me if I got around to making a list of docs. No one told me about the meeting. It is pretty important that I be notified of these meetings since I conduct most of the business in them. Doctors are to be notified in writing a week in advance at least and they are walking around on the day of the meeting talking about inviting folks. I had a slight problem with this whole thing, you might say. I informed the administrator that I need decent notice and that the doctors need sufficient notice as outlined in our bylaws.

Ok, nuff work talk, right?? It just galls me that there is no communication about something so important and potentially embarrassing.

The real life stuff is boring sometimes.

Let me leave you with this 'nother Second Life tidbit: A friend of mine "got married" in the game, (like an idiot) and then promptly attempted to seduce me, that very night. He's been through about 5 girlfriends in less than a month and has been "in love" with most of them, for about 6 minutes each. I guess he is just like a kid in a candy store. I have no idea why he wanted to have a SL wedding in the first place. Something about it does not add up.

Well, I guess my break is about over. I have a lot to do today.

Catch you cats later.


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