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2006-01-06 - 3:24 p.m.

In the last episode of "As the Therapist Turns" we saw our heroine, Miss Teets, rebuff the scandalous married therapist, who became indignant and launched a career of martyr-like pouting coupled with the pseudo-chivalrous offering of his chair to Miss Teets at all subsequent staff meetings.

In todays episode, a good month has passed with no conversation between Miss Teets and the amourous cad.

In a flurry of oddness, the dratted masher bounded into the office of Miss Teets, who was busy at work, and rushed her with a forceful request for an ink pen. Miss Teets hands over the pen and watches in confusion as the awkward therapist mumbled something about "getting me in trouble".

And here I step out of soap opera land to finish this tale, because I can't go on speaking of myself in third person any longer.


Ok, the guy runs up in here like it's a drug bust, needing a pen. The pen was just a ruse to get him in here so he could say that I got him in trouble and that's why he's been "mad" at me.

This is hilarious, since I didn't ask him why he was mad or give any reaction to the fact that he has been pouting and avoiding talking to me. I suspected that something like this was coming. He wanted me to go to him and show concern while asking him what was wrong. But I didn't do that. Cause I don't give a rats ass.

Soooo... I asked him what he was talking about and long story short, the older lady who answers the phones here scolded him one day and told him that if he didn't leave me alone, he was going to find himself out of a job! I didn't even know she knew he was hounding me. So I told him that she didn't get the story from me. I hate to be the object of misunderstandings like that. If I had told her to scold him, I would have confessed it.

So he said the story came from this other girl who said he flirts with me and her both. So I said "Well, you know, that's true. She told me you look her up and down and I said you look me up and down too." He was stunned that I just came out with it. So I said "You know it's true. Well, you look me UP, but you get stuck around the chestal region."

Can you say "Flabbergasted"? I knew you could.

His mouth was hanging open. But he looked SO busted. He started smiling and trying to deny... so I covered my eyes and said "I'll bet you have no idea what color my eyes are, cause your eyes have never made it that far."

He stood there quietly for a few seconds, then he just sighed, sat down, and said "Ok - you got me. I do look at the chestal area, but that's not what really trips my fetish. It's your lips that really get me going. That's my fetish. You have sexy lips."

I always see him checking out the rack, but it is true that he acted a fool one day when he saw me putting on lipstick.

OK, now I'm a litle creeped out.

I did tell him that I thought he was just mad at me because I kept saying "You're MARRIED!" and he said "Oh, you said that at least a thousand times!"


I thought that was funny.

I'm guessing the hot pursuit is back on. Won't do him any good though. Not interested!!!

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