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2004-02-25 - 9:18 a.m.


Iíve been googled by someone who has a disgusting interest. Some sickie put the words ďturd in her mouthĒ into google and came up with my site. When I saw that revolting line, I thought it couldnít be possible that this particular phrase could be in my journal anywhere, but alas, it is there.


In a whole different context, folks.

It was a story about a time I tricked Myra when we were kids and put a rabbit turd in her mouth. I hate that you canít tell an innocent childhood story without attracting scat freaks.

People have some truly disgusting interests. What kind of potty training experience leads a person into a life of being turned on by shit? Does that not strike you as the most infantile of perverted fetishes? Bleccchhhkkk.

Imagine wasting any amount of your life pursuing information on that particular topic. That is time youíll never get back. Itís spent. Hope it was fulfilling. Maybe it was just someone randomly checking to see if there was actually any websites about something really gross and perverted.

You can find any ridiculous sex fetish that you can dream up, on the internet. Itís all there. Worse yet, donít go into google trying to find a picture of an old lady or a fat lady, cause youíll end up in pop up porn hell. I tried to find a picture of a 500 pound woman just to illustrate what it is to be that size, for my entry about the 500 pound patient. I found some wrong, wrong stuff in the process. You can click on a link that seems not to be porn, and ~SURPRISE!~ it IS porn. Porn for sickies.

Itíll make you lose all hope in humanity.

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