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2005-03-05 - 4:01 p.m.


Ugliest Damn Car Ever

Seriously folks, WHY are people buying these??? Does it have a special feature that I am unaware of, such as orgasm inducing vibrating cushions in the driver's seat? It's so BOXY and UGLY. I saw a white one, just now, while driving home and I thought someone was dragging a deep freezer on a utility trailer. WTF??

Sometimes I think designers sit around thinking up ridiculous shit, snickering to themselves and each other about the unholy crap they can get people to swallow. "Watch this... oh yeah... I'll make it ugly as hell, it'll be boxy like nobody's business, and it will look like someone is dragging a refridgerator on its side, but as soon as they think it's the latest cool thing people will snap these suckers up and they'll be EVERYWHERE... snicker snicker"

And they actually SAY "snicker" and rub their hands together. If any of you readers would like to come forward as a person who has seen one of these ugly beasts on the road and didn't hurl, I'd like to know what is good about the Scion Box-o-rama. I'm curious about why anyone would buy one.

So do tell.

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