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2006-07-17 - 6:53 p.m.

It's our last day of vacation, and very early tomorrow morning we will be winging our way back home. Everyone is freakin ready to get home. I think a week of vacation is too much for some people. I feel fine and could continue to live here, in the hotel... indefinitely I guess. My normal life involves a lot of travel and hotel living and it doesn't bother me at all.

We had a spectacular time last night though. We went on a dinner cruise on Beeeee-yooo-tee-full Lake Tahoe! The drive up the mountains and to "the second largest alpine lake" were spectacularly beautiful and I don't think my pictures will have done it justice when I get them all uploaded and cropped the way I want them. I will post pictures after I get a chance to get them all set up on my computer at home.

The wedding was really nice... or so I hear. I sort of missed a lot of what went on because I had a bizarre laughing fit during the ceremony and embarrassed myself severely. I don't want to talk about it yet. Really embarrassing. Why am I so weird?

Inappropriate laughter times infinity, squared.

Sometimes I hate me.

I love the mountains and the climate here. I would not mind living here. In fact, I really would love to move to Fort Collins, Colorado, Boulder, or Lake Tahoe. How does a normal average citizen afford to live in Lake Tahoe??? What the heck do these people do for a living? I do pretty well financially, but I'll have to really step it up to afford to move someplace like this.

The only problem with this vacation is that it was a whole family ordeal, so I am not in charge of the wheels, the schedule, or any of the major decisions. I would have liked to have done more stuff, explored more, spent more time in the mountains, etc.

I would have preferred to go out into Reno more for dinners and things, but we stayed here at the casino strip for most of the time and friends, I am all buffeted out. I am quite tired of the buffet style restaurant.

We are going out to a real restaurant tonight, thank goodness. Libby is not feeling well today and she was barfing a while ago. This makes me scared to find out what we're going to experience tomorrow while we are traveling all day. I hope she is feeling better before tomorrow morning. I feel sorry or her. I have had to make a road trip while feeling queasy more than once and it is a special level of hell.

I am ready to get home and detox myself from the sugar and stuff that I've had. I can feel it in my body, doing bad things.

It could be worse though. I didn't let anything get too far out of the range of normal.

Gotta go. It's time to go eat.


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