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2006-07-06 - 2:40 p.m.

I have accomplished almost everything on my lengthy to-do list. All I have left is one meeting with an attorney, scheduled for tomorrow morning, and a shopping trip for clothes. There's no pressure on the shopping, because I have everything I really need. I would like one pair of dressier pants and I'm going to look at shoes, because the dressy shoes I'm taking may not be as comfortable to wear during a day long event. But if I don't find anything that just screams my name, I'm going with what I have now.

Can you imagine a pair of shoes screaming "Wiiiiilberteeeeeeets!"?

I called the usual kennel lady where Abby always stays and even with a week's notice, she can't take Abby!! She's booked up. I couldn't believe it, because I've never had a problem getting her in before, with even less notice. I had to call around frantically and find another place to take my girl. I feel bad about leaving her for a whole week, especially with strangers. It's really more like 9 days. She's going to think we gave her away. I'm pretty satisfied with the place I ended up finding for her. It's a vet's office, but they've recently added on a large boarding facility on the property. She will have lots of room to walk around and they tell me the kennel manager is very good with the dogs and will pay attention to her. They said someone is there all the time. But still. It's like having a baby and not wanting to leave the baby with a sitter for 9 days. I'm going to take her cushy dog bed and her favorite food and 2 of her toys. The dreaded cow toy and the hated Santa. She kicks so much Santa ass, it's tragic.

I got my dramamine, and that's extremely important. I hate to fly and I feel queasy the whole time. I have been known to have need of the airsick bag. Ack. Getting there is going to be hell.

I have to go to work tomorrow and I was asked to go down south this week, but I had to get my stuff done for the trip. I'm very lucky to have the kind of schedule I have. I didn't have to sweat about taking vacation time like most people do. I just told them I'll be gone for a week and everything is ok! It's going to work out really well for my rehab facility. They have a really low census right now and my other place is totally caught up to the minute, so there's nothing hanging over my head there.

I've got to go. I have an appointment for a massage. Yay! I have to be there in a half hour and I'm not ready to go. But I'm not doing much. I think it will be the old lipstick and sunglasses routine today.

Later Gators!

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