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2006-07-12 - 8:26 p.m.

I am enjoying one pricey hour of high speed internet service at my hotel. Usually, the high speed connection is a standard part of the hotel room. They ain't trying to give anything away for free here.

Let me tell you about the traveling experience we had yesterday. The day started at 4:00 am. This was not good, since the day before did not end until after midnight. We were in a hotel in Jackson, Mississippi, because it's a lot cheaper to fly out from Jackson than our little town. The 4 year old was not in the mood to sleep, so nobody got to sleep. I finally put ear plugs in my ears sometime after midnight and I remember nothing after that until 4:00 am when we were awakened by the horrifying racket that is a country music station. Thanks Dad, for setting our alarm for us.


The next horrible thing to befall me was the loss of my precious Crocs. Crocs are incredibly ugly, yet terribly comfortable shoes that way too many people are wearing these days. I had a pair and I loved them, but alas, I left them at the hotel. Like a tard.

Myra lost her carry on bag that had all her make up and the things she just had to have. So we had to wait for a while for her to recover her bag. She left it on the plane and of course, there was no getting back on it to retrieve anything. We had already gotten to the baggage claim area and once you pass through those doors, they don't let you go back. After a hellish long time, she got her bag back.

It wasn't all bad though. Over the course of one day we saw the hot dirty south, swamp lands, ocean, mountains, snow, and desert. Pretty cool. I'm a mountain girl myself and I want to live back in mountain country. This corks it for me. I have to find a way. When I get home, I'm going to look into readying myself for some bold career steps. I don't know if I'm talking about a 2 year plan, or a 5 year plan, but I need to live in this climate all the time. My hair did just what I wanted it to do this morning, I feel good, and it's not hot here.

I get the feeling the people who live here think they are having hot weather. To us, this is great, fabulous, feeling really good weather. These people don't know from hot.

We had a layover in LA, so Myra was all about looking for celebrities. I was too tired to be caring about celebrities, but while she was off celeb-hunting, I saw none other than William "she bang, she bang" Hung walking along with his mom. They had apparently just come off a flight and he was very sweet and friendly. Myra came back empty-handed from her hunting expedition, but when I told her we saw William Hung she chased him down like it was George Clooney and got pictures of him with the kids. I was going to post that picture in here, but we are having some technical difficulties getting that picture from her phone to my laptop. If I can get it straightened out later, I'll post it later. If not, I'll post it when we get home. That was pretty swell. It was like spotting the yeti or something.

The hotels are all hooked together in some crazy way and there is a shuttle that takes you from place to place. The hotel we are staying in has a big carnival-like thing going on downstairs and you can actually win the carnival games. Myras two kids have won a sack full of stuffed animals from the games. There are lots of things to do. The kids are having a blast.

There are casinos all over and I am not much of a gambler, because I get pissed when I lose my money, but Myra is chomping at the bit to give them the rest of her money. hehe

We gambled a little bit earlier today and I came out 4 bucks ahead. Woo! Go me. I plan to go gamble some more when my folks get back from dinner. They are going to watch the rug rats so we can go tear it up. I wish we'd win a big jackpot. That would be so very cool.

I like to play on this Wheel of Fortune machine that lets you spin the wheel and win a certain amount in credits. I won 20 bucks that way. I won more than 20 bucks, but I gambled it back down until I was just 4 bucks ahead of when I started. I would love to win back the whole amount I'm spending on this trip or a jackpot big enough to move here without planning a career move first!

I love looking out the window and seeing mountains.

I love you guys!

Later my peeps.

~The Winning Teets of Wilber

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