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2005-02-14 - 7:54 p.m.


~I'm alone.

Love, fabulous love... it's everywhere... all around us... flowing in the water, puddling on the streets, running down the rain spouts, blowing on the wind. Love is in the air... Do you feel it?

~Just me, and the four walls.

Birds are chirping, bunnies are mating, even the little fruit flies are giving out free piggyback rides!

~'Cause even a bug can get some love.

Couples are everywhere, restaurants are uncomfortably packed, flowers have been bought, candies have been delivered, romance is yet to come...

~Not even a card, yo.

Actually, I found a valentine's card taped to the door of my office. It was from the social worker at the facility. She looks just like an elderly nun.

And that's what I get for Valentine's Day. Nun.

You know what I'm REALLY sick of though? The damn commercials. Especially the one where the woman is crying over the diamond earrings and the crying is "a very good thing". You know why she's really crying? Cause those earrings weren't an engagement ring... or because she is thinking of the guy she really wishes was sitting there... or because the earrings are cubic zirconia and she knows all her friend-girls are going to know. Or maybe she has taken stock of her life and realized she is nowhere near that mythical elusive dream called happiness and never will be as long as she's with HIM. Or maybe someone is peeling an onion, stage left.

Do I seem bitter?

Cause I'm really not. I had a really good day today. But it is true that I'm just sitting here alone wasting all this prime time woman-ness.

You may recall from yesterday that good ole Uncle George is in town for his monthly visit, and since I have no valentine-honeyman to spend time with me, there is nothing for Uncle George to ruin.

That's a long-ass way to go to find a fairly weak silver lining, ain't it?

And those mating bunnies need to give it a rest.

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