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2003-08-22 - 4:53 p.m.


Let's say someone very close to you decided to divorce their spouse, and you know it's the best thing, but it still sucks so bad because this spouse has been very close to you also, and you feel tremendously compassionately towards said spouse, and the whole situation reminds you of your own fairly recent divorce. Let's say you got this news at work and immediately had an emotional melt down and had to go home.

Then let's say you had to get ready with your beady little swollen eyes and try to get happy for a family birthday party. Yippee. Partay. And let's say, just for a challenge, that the children of this divorce were going to be at the party, and that they are still oblivious to the fact that their family is broken. And you can't cry at the damn party. Cause it's not your party and you CAN'T cry if you want to.

How do you suppose you'd handle it?

Gee, is my smoke screen still intact? None of you see through me, right? This is purely hypothetical, right?

Bad day.

Needing a valium...

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