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2006-06-03 - 1:39 p.m.

It's about time I updated, isn't it?

I am having one of those nice Saturdays on which I do not have to be anywhere or do anything except just whatever I want. That's the good stuff. I did have an appointment at 2:00 pm, but I am missing it due to some unforseen circumstances that are just A-OK with me.

On Thursday, I had 2 spontaneous consulting job offers extended to me out of nowhere. One guy called me because I've worked with him in the past and he has taken on a new post as administrator of a specialty hospital and he suspects the coder is off her rocker. I can vouch for this, because I know who the coder is. He wants me to come down and audit everything that has been billed in the past 6 months and see if any money has been left on the table. That's like saying he wants me to come down and see if any people are still sucking in oxygen. They are losing probably a good 30% of their revenue on about a third of their cases.

The other job offer came from a girl I used to work with once upon a time. She went to work for a medical management company and now is in need of a credentialed person to oversee the records department of a hospital located around 30 miles from my house. I'll only have to show up once a quarter and do a little auditing of the department, so I said I can take them on. There is a question about their budget. I'm not doing it unless they make it worth my while. It will be really easy money though. I think as long as I can get my whole 1 day consulting fee for the one day a quarter I have to go, I'll do it. That's the minimum, because my professional credentials will keep them legal and I could charge just for that without including any of the actual auditing in that fee.

So anyways... things are good on the work front.

I get enough offers for new work that it makes me wonder if I should just capitalize on the consulting and not take the full time job I know is coming down the pike. That full time thing is sounding less exciting all the time. I wonder if I can get that client to be happy with me on a consulting basis. I told him a long time ago that when he needed me full time I would go, but right now I am very happy with my situation and I think I might be able to just take on more and more clients instead of committing all my time to one. There's more money in that... it just seems less secure.

I have to figure out what I should do.

I was on the phone last night until midnight. Needless to say, I did no online chatting. I miss the online chats! We need to set up a new chat time or something because we've gotten all kinds of off track with that.

Let's make a plan. We could do it on a different night than Friday if that's not a good time for everybody. If you have any ideas, throw 'em out there in the comments section.

I must go and grind coffee beans.

Did you guys know I am a coffee-loving bean-grinder? I must have bottled water and freshly ground coffee beans to fully enjoy the coffee experience. I put Starbucks to shame.

But I can be convinced to take a Starbucks venti mocha latte with extra whipped cream upon occasion.

I have to go make coffee right now.

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