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2006-04-07 - 11:43 p.m.

We are having stormy times in Teetsville. The wind is blowing and it's raining cats and dogs. Speaking of dogs, mine is under the bed cowering like the quivering storm-o-phobe she truly is. When she hears the first vague rumblings of thunder, she gets up from wherever she is laying and goes straight to the safety of underneath my bed. There is no convincing her that we are ok. She thinks we're all gonna die.

Maybe it will hail on my house and I can get a new roof out of my home owner's insurance. They have been crappy to deal with. I am going to ask for a new roof one more time and if they say no to me this time, I'm going to check out how much it would cost me to switch over to the insurance company that insures my car. They've always wanted me to buy my home owner's insurance from them. Maybe they'll give me a better rate!

The termite treatment has been done. I feel very good about that. Die vermin, die!

Speaking of vermin... I am angry with my employers right now and have decided to leave them for greener pastures. I have a new job lined up and it should start this month. I have not given my resignation yet, but I am going to my office this weekend to clean all my stuff out. Stay tuned... for I shall be going out in spectacular style.


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