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2004-06-11 - 5:14 p.m.

I have some kind of vertigo thing happening today. I'm dizzy and kind of generally off balance. I hate that. I was planning to pack boxes today and every time I try to get up or change positions, I get really dizzy. This usually happens to me in October or November. I'm allergic to something that blooms or makes pollen at that time of the year. Heyyyyyy, yesterday I dusted my ceiling fan. I probably snuffled up some dust and it has my allergies in an uproar.

My ceiling fan is perpetually on. You'd think no dust would be able to land on it, but alas, it gets wild and hairy. I put new bulbs in it too. Now it's bright enough to interrogate someone in here if I need to. Ve got Vays to make you talk.

I took the stitch out of Abby's leg myself. I was very nervous about wielding a sharp instrument so close to her incision site, and it wasn't her favorite thing either. But we worked it out. Neither of us yelped. I got the whole thing. I was amazed at how much stitch was inside her leg. I was pulling and pulling, the whole time on pins and needles, afraid it was going to hurt. If she had yelped, I would have screamed. But I figured it was worth all that nerve jangling effort to avoid having to take her to the vet just to have a stitch removed. She gets nervous and sheds her entire coat in my car each time we go over there, then I have to worry about some other dog jumping at us and the ladies who work in there always leave us sitting for an eternity.

I'm just wrong today. Now my ear is ringing. Ah. Swell.

The news is on and the main story of course is the funeral of Ronald Reagan. What a send off. A week long goodbye, national and international coverage... I think it must be gratifying to his family to see how many people loved him and came to pay their respects and at the same time, the sadness of a loved one's death doesn't even start to lift until the funeral is over. I think if I were in Nancy Reagan's place I would be so relieved for this week to finally be over.

I can be off work till July if I want to be, but I am already getting that old familiar feeling of wasting my life. I feel like I have to be working all the time.

I've got to plan out the vacation and book that because *YIKES*, it's a week away and I haven't done it yet. I just now realized that. I hope I can still get us in where we want to go. I think we are going to have 2 destinations, so I have to plan the whole thing out.

In fact, I'd better get on that.

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