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2004-05-27 - 12:15 a.m.

What a cutie

This is not my puppy. Everyone has been trying to give me a puppy since I got my heart broken when I lost Dagget. I don't think I can take on a new puppy right now because I travel for work and the puppy would have to stay here. It would just give Myra something else to take care of. But I've been really tempted to get another chihuahua. I miss the Dagster.

Abby is at the animal hospital tonight. Poor Abby. She has had 2 surgeries to repair her broken leg after being dog-napped and then hit by a car. We have noticed that a big knot has come up on her bad leg right at the joint, and I was afraid the leg was rebroken again. I took her in today and the vet said one of her cross pins has migrated. They will have to go in and remove it tomorrow morning. It's a very minor surgery. While she's out they will give her all her shots and stuff. She's also getting Frontline flea spray. I'll probably have to take out a second mortgage to pay the vet bill. I know that my friends capt-jim and cabin-boy can sympathize with the vet bills. Their fur babies have been known to rack up a tab in their day.

I keep turning to look for Abby or reaching down next to my computer chair to pet her. I keep forgetting she's at the hospital. She thinks she has to be with me at all times. I hope she's asleep. I know she hates being in that kennel cage. Even after all the times I've taken her to the dreaded vet and left her there, she still wants to go with me when I'm going someplace.

This is Possum

He's the next lucky winner in the fabulous game show "Who Wants To Go To The Vet?" He needs some help for his crusty butt. Don't tell him I exposed his secret. He is sho' gonna hate it when I take him to the vet. They always put the thermometer under his tongue, but that thermometer is a foot long and they ram it up his rear to get it in place under the tongue... or so it would seem. Poor Posh.

PS: I am happy my girl Fantasia won American Idol. I will buy her CD when it comes out.

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