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2004-02-20 - 1:15 p.m.

Today I am thinking about a woman that used to come to my house sometimes. She was the sister of a friend of mine. Sometimes when my friend came over, her sister, Vicki, would be with her and she always went all over the house, like a little duck. She just wandered around and touched everything, like a child. She always made comments about my house smelling good. I always thought that was odd, because she said it smelled like cherries or something and I didn't have anything in my house to account for that. She was the only one who smelled cherries in my house. She was very bubbly and looked sort of like "Hot Lips Hoolihan" from MASH.

Then one day she disappeared. No one knew where she had gone. None of her stuff was missing from home. Her sister was really worried, but at the same time Vicki was a free spirit and they never knew when she was going to do something unexpected. She had just gone to the store, the last time anyone had talked to her. Nothing had been said about a road trip or anything. She had been missing for a few weeks when her car was found submerged in the lake, with her inside. Apparently she had gone off the road and hit her head in the impact, knocking her unconscious. She drowned at about 28 years old.

Bummer, huh?

Sometimes I think about the brevity of life and the fact that you can be going along one minute, thinking about music, work, or what you are going to cook for dinner and then next minute be unconscious in a car that's under water. She didn't think she was going to her death when she left the house that day.

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