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2004-07-31 - 3:05 a.m.

Myra went with her kids to have dinner with her boyfriend and his son tonight. Bink and I went to dinner together and then saw "The Village".

We enjoyed it. There's a twist. I totally figured it out way way way ahead of schedule. Sometimes I wish that I couldn't figure every movie out before the big reveal happens. I don't even try. Like with this movie, I was not trying to jump ahead. It just became abundantly clear at some point. I leaned over to Bink and said "I just figured it out." She said "You need to stop yourself".

I'm not going to say what the twist is, because that would be wrong and bad. I don't want to ruin the movie for anyone. I can't believe we went to see a movie on opening night. That theater was PACKED.

We had a fun time. It is blessedly wonderful to be carefree and go see a movie without worrying about death and tragedy for a change. We are so relieved that Myra isn't sick with cancer that it just keeps washing over us in waves. This was a really horrible scare. Now we've all got a new lease on life.


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