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2004-05-19 - 5:30 p.m.

I had an excellent day today. I want to gush forth unabashedly, but I hesitate for fear of some unauthorized eyeballs seeing this and messing it up for me somehow.

I guess I'll have to resort to the old "hypothetical situation description" again.

OK - let's say you got done wrong... reeeeeeal wrong. Let's say that it was a supremely bad move for the people who did you wrong to do so, because your value in the situation was many times over and above the cost of having you there. Let's say you really tried to make a certain ass-weasel understand your value, to no freakin avail.

Now skip down the road a wee piece and let's say you got word from a very reliable source that certain people are kicking themselves and crying in their beer today because they FINALLY REALIZE WHAT YOU DID FOR THEM!!!!!!

Let's say the beans have been counted and the results have been positively nauseating for a sorry bunch who now have the full realization of their stupidity.

It means more to me than the money to know that they now KNOW what my value was. My tipster told me I am THE topic around there and the powers that be are sorely wishing they hadn't lost me. I might go back and fix their losses, but they will have to pay me one hell of a consulting fee. They had me at such a bargain price, but now they will pay like my other clients do. I am so happy that they fully realize this. I don't even care whether they take my offer to recapture their losses. If they say no, it's their loss.

And BOY, what a huge loss it has been. I heard some high praise about myself that I NEVER heard out of them when I worked there.


I shall now go to Pokeno.

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