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2005-01-26 - 10:35 a.m.

I had the crazy dreams last night. When I woke up this morning I stumbled to the computer and typed out my dreams with my tired fingers. I shall now cut and paste the dreams here. I write my dreams out in notepad when they are interesting and I don't want to forget the details. So here goes:

I dreamed that I met the fabulous Mr. Klugarsh and he was a few inches shorter than me. This is odd, since he's really about half a foot or so taller than me. In the dream, he was sweet and friendly and fun and *short*. I think this part of the dream came from seeing his entry yesterday, right here --> his-holiness, and the photos he posted reminded me of a dream I had that featured a close up of his face. Costumes... backstage.. my dad at the door... Dan's face... smiling.

Then, suddenly, I was driving in a car, taking a very small child someplace. The kid had to have been our littlest household member here in Teetsville, but it seemed like a little boy at first. We were almost "there" when I saw a helicopter flying around overhead. It was bigger than average, like a military helicopter, very boxy, and very bright blue. It did not seem distressed at all, but suddenly it dipped low and then did a nose dive directly on the road right in front of my vehicle, missing my car by about one car length or two at the most. It went down so hard that the front of the helicopter was just smashed totally. It was just a pile of rubble with a tail sticking up. I knew whoever was in it was dead, no survivors, and that we had very narrowly missed being killed. I took the baby into my lap and hugged her. It was Libby. I was thinking about how lucky we were not to be underneath that wrecked helicopter. It was blocking the road now. An emergency crew showed up and there were several people I recognized from the new hospitals I've been traveling to, and I was surprised that they worked for the emergency crew when they were not at the hospital. They looked pretty upset about the helicopter. There was some confusion over a woman named Susan, but I can't remember anything about that now.

Then I was at a public pool even though I cannot swim. I've never learned to swim so I was just in the pool at the edges when I decided 'no guts no glory' and took off swimming. I wasn't swimming the usual way... it was more like a modified dog paddle, but it was my own way and it was working well for me. I was getting around rapidly and I was amazed that it was so easy. I was moving through the water pretty fast. I swam all the way across the pool and all around it. Then I started showing other people how, because it was so easy. I was teaching people to swim.

Across the pool was a person that I recognize as a composite of one of my uncles and the brother of Binky's ex boyfriend. He was laughing at my technique and the fact that I was teaching other people to do something I had just learned. Incidentally, he was sitting on the edge of the pool and wouldn't even get in, whilst passing judgement on my mad swimming skillz.

I think that is about all I can remember of my wacky dreams.

But the significance of the swimming dream is that I have just learned the new payment system for psychiatric hospitals and I am already teaching it to others. I was surprised that it was as easy as it was. It's fairly effortless for me to make the transition because of my knowledge of the other PPS systems. I can't think of any real life scoffers making fun of my techniques or anything. Maybe that's just a little anxiety cropping up in the dream. But you'll notice the scoffer in my dream had no room to talk and was completely inactive himself. So it's not much of a threat.

I looked on AOL this morning and the big news headline was that a military helicopter went down and killed the soldiers inside it.

I love to analyze my dreams.

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