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2004-02-04 - 3:48 p.m.

Guess what I just found?

At 2:30 pm, all up in the work-day, after many uses, I discovered that sink in the menís room was dry as a bone. Clean and dry. This brings up 2 questions:

QUESTION #1 - What does it mean?

Answer Ė It means that NO ONE who used that bathroom since the last cleaning washed their grimey hands. Privates were handled, fondled, God knows what all transpired, and NO HAND WASHING OCCURRED!!

QUESTION #2: How do you know the sink in the Menís room is dry?

Answer: I use the Menís room, cause itís nicer than the ladies room. It is a one-person restroom, so itís private enough.

Now, I believe I have mentioned this in the past. The recent past, as a matter of fact. But men-folk, please, for the love of Pete, you are supposed to wash your hands after you man-handle the lizard. OK?

Last night, I read a very funny entry by the brilliant and awesomely funny porktornado about this very subject and he had elected to not wash his hands because he was pretty certain nothing in that restroom was as clean as his dick. He did not wish to contaminate himself. Good point. Our Menís room however, is clean as a whistle, Iíd go so far as to say itís probably almost as clean as the porktornadoís ďporkswordĒ.

So there are no excuses for that sink being dry and unused.

Iím the only renegade female who dares to use the Menís room, so Iíve been noticing the shocking lack of paper towel usage and handwashing paraphernalia usage going on in there. Iím appalled. Needless to say, Iím not shaking any hands around here or accepting any cookies, sticks of gum, or anything else out of the hands of the unwashed.

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