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2004-09-19 - 6:20 p.m.

What a nice Sunday! The weather is perfect. Myra and I have been sitting outside all afternoon, enjoying the impending Autumn. I feel happy in the fall, no matter what else is going on in the rest of this saga that I call my life.

While sitting there on the porch swing, we struck upon a brilliant plan that involves the grill, some kind of a beast, and various vegetables. Beasty and vegetables will be impaled upon bamboo skewers and roasted over a flame. Myra went to the store and I stayed home with the chillins. Some days the team work is utterly inspirational around here.

Next week a major good transit happens in the heavens for me and I will be blessed with good fortune for most of the next year. I expect good stuff to happen for me. I have a happy feeling of expectation.

Also next week begins our run at the screampark. We are gearing up to get our spook on. I wonder if there is any such thing as glow in the dark contact lenses. That would be freaky. Glowing irises in the darkness. Muahahahaaaa...

While Myra and I were outside today, wasps kept buzzing around us. When a wasp comes up, we both fly out of our seats and do crazy wasp-avoiding dances. (This disorients the opponent.)

We grabbed a can of wasp spray and discussed how it only takes a small spritz of the poison to kill a wasp. Myra was the can wielder. She's braver than me when it comes to flying stinger bugs. I'm allergic, just like our cousin, who DIED after being stung by a bee. So Myra does the killing. The first wasp down was killed with a brief squirt of the poison. The next one was drowned in a massive torrent of poison which also drenched the deck, accompanied by much screaming and running. (wasp was big) I do a lot of the screaming and running. I try to be as helpful as possible.

Myra got out the water hose and washed down the deck so Abby wouldn't lick it up, dumbass doggie that she tends to be... All told, many wasps were battled, many wasps died. You'd think the little idjits would learn to avoid the humans. There's a whole world they could be buzzing in besides the 15 x 15 foot area that is the deck. But noooooooo.

I need a big burly man to come dig up the apple tree which tragically kicked the bucket earlier this year. There is a plum tree that's not looking so hot either. I have a live oak tree that is shaping up nicely. It's getting big.

There's a big magnolia tree in the front yard. It's pretty. Magnolia flowers have a lemony scent. Lemony and flowery. Then they make a vivid red seed pod. The seed pods are the size and shape of a small pine cone, but they are covered with red seeds that are the size and shape of coffee beans. The leaves of the tree are big, smooth, thick and sort of glossy. I sometimes make christmas arrangements using magnolia leaves.

I sound like a happy botanist all of a sudden. I'm clearly rambling. This has been brought on by my happy autumn mood. I shall stop now.

Carry on.

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