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2005-06-02 - 8:16 p.m.

Oh Lord.

Are you watching? Did you see? What a ridiculous exercise in humiliation for some one hit wonders of the past. I'm watching that show where the has-beens come back and give it a go on a game show type format with a never-heard-of-before game show host.

Some of them are doing fine, because they are acts from not so long ago, but some of them look positively GERIATRIC. I see that the cretins from "A Flock of Nimrods" still haven't learned to play their instruments. The lead dweeb still plays the keyboard with one finger. He could have made it a little more interesting if he had used some other... appendage. Not interesting in a good sort of way, since he strongly resembles Elmer Fudd now. No one really wants to see Elmer's appendage. I'll bet he hasn't seen it in a decade.

I hesitate to give the correct name of this other band I want to slam, for fear of being googled and contacted by the band. HA!! It's sad that I should have to think about that, but it wasn't too long ago that someone in the public eye read my humerous but not so nice comments about their tv show and I felt bad. These people can't help it that time marched on.

But here goes anyway: 80's band Luvrboy. (Spelled it wrong on purpose)They must have been MUCH older than they looked back when their one song was a hit, because now they are old man stew! Positively Geriatric. I knew old people back in the 80's that look younger than these guys right now.

I'm going to call the next one Piffany, (to avoid her googling eyeballs) She's the formerly nubile young 15 year old singer of an insanely annoying shlockfest of a song and she now has large saggy boobs and absolutely no support or coverage in her flimsy and unflattering shirt that was obviously designed for a teenager. Ouch.

I'm a beeyotch.

Sucks to be a washed up one-hit-wonder from the 80's. Poor guys.

Bad puns are flying left and right from this game show host too. Good God, Elmer looks old.

OMG, they are MURDERING this song. Each old washed up act did their one famous song and then they are doing a song from today. The Flock of Fuckups is now hideously hacking away at Ryan Cabrera's song "On the way down". Brutal.


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