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2004-06-08 - 1:37 a.m.

If I had a band, I'd want to name it "Bite the wax tadpole" but I'm afraid people would mistake it for "Toad the Wet Sprocket" since each phrase makes no sense and uses 4 words in a row that have no relation to each other.

I was at Books-A-Million yesterday and I picked up an interesting science magazine that had a little blurb in it about Coca-Cola in China. The name didn't translate right and they had to find a way to translate "Coca-Cola" into a word phonetically close enough to Coca-Cola without it carrying some crazy meaning. "La" apparently means "wax", and it was said that the first name they had for Coke, roughly translated, meant "Bite the wax tadpole".

And that is funny to me.

If I thought my drink was going to contain a tadpole, wax or otherwise, I wouldn't be too keen on paying for it.

There was a similar problem with Coors in Mexico, when the slogan "cut it loose with Coors" roughly translated to "Suffer from diarrhea with Coors". Again, not such a winning campaign.

Sometimes I wonder how my page translates to some of the readers who come here and translate my writing into their languages. I've noticed when I look at the googles leading back to my page, that some of them are in other languages. I don't always use the King's English, so I'll bet there have been some confusing passages that didn't quite translate right.

I also have noticed that a couple of our friends like to put on "the cloak" and read us stealth-style. It's not necessary guys. You are welcome to come and read. Don't be bashful. All are welcome here.

*Somebody* with a certain Georgia peach of an IP address googled my page looking for the pictures of Myra with her spooky contacts and that was kind of sweet. Forgot the cloak that night. Actually it was the weeee hours of the morning. When most people are asleep.

The new season of "Six Feet Under" starts next Sunday. I am very happy about that! Love that show. I can't believe the "Sopranos" is over again already. Those seasons are too short and the breaks in between are way too long.

Till next time...

Don't forget to bite the wax tadpole!

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