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2006-06-17 - 4:06 p.m.

We are having some weird weather today. It looks mostly sunny and nice out, but there is almost constant thunder. The dog is beside herself. She's cowering under my bed right now. I wish I could convince her that thunder does not equal death.

Earlier today, my sister myramains, was getting ready to go someplace and her kids were "playing" together and there were lots of screams and squawks as is always the case when the older kid "plays" with the younger one. Myra got tired of their noise and said "If I hear one more scream, IT'S OVER!"

Right after that there was silence for a minute and then I heard Libby saying to her brother "Hey, if I scream one more time, it's OVER, so don't make me scream, ok?"


I don't know what exactly she thinks is going to happen, but whatever it was, she didn't want it.

I am enjoying this low key Saturday. This time I'm not going to get crazy and invite people for dinner. I'm just going to continue to enjoy it, slacker style. I might go see Nacho Libre tonight. I do want to see it this weekend and tomorrow is Father's Day so I'll be over at my Dad's place, being a good daughter.

I have such an urge to go someplace for a spa weekend or something. Not this weekend. I wouldn't miss a Father's Day, but soooooon. You hear me?? I want to go someplace. It's about time.

When I was married, I hardly ever did anything fun. Since I corrected that problem I've gone lots of places. I go to the spa about once every 3 months. Plus I get a massage a week. I have to be nice to me, cause nobody else will. hahaha

Ahhhhh... should I sleep? Eat something? Make coffee? Go someplace?? Clean something? The options are just endless. I love it when I can hear thunder and I don't have to be anywhere.

Life is pretty good.

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