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2003-08-24 - 9:15 p.m.


Every Sunday night this is my lament. If I had about 7 more days of weekend, I could get a few things accomplished around here.

I don't enjoy working as much as I used to. I have two major reasons for this.


Work used to be an escape for me. I don't need an escape anymore. I'm pretty darn happy around here these days.


(This is the far more important reason.) I worked with an evil ham demon by the name of Whiskers the Troll. She made my life absolute Hell for a time. She was a man, baby. She is the ass troll who sported Newt Gingrich's hair-do. Same cut, same color, except hers was stained in the front with a nasty yellow nicotine stain. (gag) I worked with her for a little over 2 years and during that time, SHE USED UP EVERY OUNCE OF MY ASSHOLE TOLERANCE FOR A LIFETIME!!!

Thanks to her, I now have zero asshole tolerance. As a result, when my current boss displays asshole tendencies, it makes me furious immediately. I have no grace period for him. I wonder if there is a way to regain some asshole tolerance. Mine's shot.

I just don't look forward to work with the same glee I used to have. There are still some good times though. It's not all bad. I work with a bunch of good people right now. We have some interesting meetings. One day we discussed ghost stories in the morning meeting, and more recently, we discussed sex.

Specifically, we were discussing the trauma of having to know about your parents having sex. I mean, come on, that is pretty traumatizing.

In that particular morning meeting, we somehow got into a discussion about our Human Resources lady's sex life. Now, she is a round, white haired lady who is nearing her golden years, and her daughter is our business office manager and was sitting right there. The HR lady regaled us with a tale of her daughter walking in on her and her husband in a compromising position. I got the impression that this had been a RECENT occurance. As if this were not painfully enough for us to all absorb at 8:15 in the AM, her daughter pipes up and says "Oh, that's not the worst part... it wasn't "normal sex" they were having!!"

I immediately plugged my ears and started singing "Lalalalaaaaa I can't HEAR YOOOOOOOU" The HR lady turned such a bright shade of red, it was unnatural... but not as unnatural as the FREAKIN VISUAL of two 60-somethings going at it .... uh.... orally?? doggy style??? I don't know but it's ALL too horrible to contemplate.

After the room settled down I calmly said "I'll be needing some therapy now." Her daughter said "I needed some therapy after seeing it, let me tell you."

I wonder what we will talk about tomorrow in morning meeting. hehe.

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