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2004-12-12 - 5:12 p.m.

WOW. A weekend flies by fast when that's all the time I can spend here. I'm getting ready to go back to work tomorrow. I'm kind of looking forward to getting back to work on Monday. I have a lot to do and a new thing to learn. When I have the rest of this knowledge, I'll be unstoppable. I'll be ruling the world by New Year's.

I am still excited about the hotel. Especially the jacuzzi. I also am getting really fond of the Macaws in the lobby. There is a ginormous cage in the lobby with 2 big green macaws. The first time I walked up to check them out, they were playing with each other. When I got up close, they just froze in action and one of them said "uh-oh". They got used to me over the week and now they greet me. I go up to the cage at least once a day and say "Hello Sucker", because I'm trying to teach them to say that. It is a casino and I think it would be funny if the birds said that to the people who are coming there to part with their money.

This is one of the birds

Now when I walk up to the cage, they show off for me and they say "Hello" and some other things. One of them always goes up to the top of the cage and hangs upside down. They bob their heads and do all kinds of cute stuff. Right across from their cage, there is a HUGE fish tank with giant angel fish and other really colorful fish. Pretty nifty. There are christmas trees all over the place too, so I don't have to feel so bad about missing our christmas tree at home. There's a humongous and frightening looking santa standing next to a christmas tree in one area of the lobby. This santa must be on vacation, because he's wearing a hawaiian shirt and shorts. It's about 10 or 12 feet tall.

I wrapped some presents today and got my clothes ready for the next week. I have to pack, but I have that down to a science now. I have a whole set of traveling stuff, like traveling toothpaste and a traveling toothbrush and everything like that so I don't have to pack and unpack it all. I'm already mostly packed because of that.

People are running amok in my bedroom when I am gone. I know this because I leave my room a certain way (and my bed is made) and when I get back, my bed is messed up and there are toys and shoes that don't belong to me in my room. Bink likes to sleep in my bed and play on my computer. The niece and nephew both think my room is the promised land or something. Even Myra gets on my pc when I'm gone. I think the family just sort of lives in here while I'm gone. Abby brings things in my room to shred. The cat plays in the water in my bathroom and leaves the toilet seat all wet.

Tonight we let Fert out of his cage and allowed him to run wild. Fert is the ferret. His real name is Niblet, but we all call him Fert. He is a wild man and a toe biter. I am afraid of him most of the time. I was feeling brave for some reason. I played with him by dragging a feather boa on the floor. He lost his composure entirely. He went buck wild, biting, rolling, running off with it in his mouth. He's very cute. We can't let him run wild all the time because he will do many bad things, like crawl up through the recliner and bite the hiney of the person sitting in the recliner. He steals things, poops all over the place, and he bites. Today he went back to his cage when he was ready to get in. I thought he wanted to use his litter, but he went to the penthouse and got in his hammock. He has a 5 story cage-o-wonders. We should all live as swanky as Fert does.

Well, I DO, now. :-)

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