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2004-10-13 - 1:35 p.m.

It seems that every time I go to Books-A-Million, I get accosted by a weirdo. Very frequently, it is the very same particular weirdo. He just cannot catch a hint. Myra is so annoyed with this guy, that she wants to talk about him on the radio. She said she was going to go on the air and say "Listen up, weird Books-a-million guy... my sister is not interested. Yes, her book is interesting and no, she doesn't want anything to do with you. Freak. Stop hitting on her."

He is there QUITE often when I go. He used to work there, but he got fired. Probably for severe freakiness, or for stalking female customers. He used to follow me around and look me up and down, then he worked his nerve up to the point where he sits across from me and stares. And talks to me. As soon as I realize he is nearby, I pretend I don't see him. I make damn sure I don't look up and actually meet his UNWAVERING GAZE.

Monday night, I was in one of the reading chairs and he sat down in the one right across from me. He then proceeded to peek over the top of his book at me, non-stop, for the next 15 or 20 minutes. There are 2 other reading chairs in that cluster and as soon as the occupants of those two chairs got up and left, I heard his voice saying "Are you enjoying that book?"

Duuuuuh... no... I feel compelled to spend my time reading unenjoyable books to torment myself. Thanks for asking.

That's what I said inside. On the outside I said "yes". And went directly back to reading. Then I heard "What's it about?"

I gave him the flat stare.

Then he says "Is it a book about the occult?" but he pronounced occult like this: OCK-ult with the emphasis on the OCK.


I nodded, as it was indeed a book about the OCK-ult.

So he sat there staring at me openly and I sat there ignoring him as openly as possible, until he finally gave up and left. He doesn't just leave the area and hit on someone else either. Once I rebuff him, he GOES AWAY. He leaves the store entirely. This is a little bothersome to me. Makes it look like he is only there to harass me. He seemed kind of annoyed when he got up and left too. One of these days, he's going to be waiting outside behind the trash can or something. Weirdo.

Does he think after I have brushed him off roughly 2 dozen times, I'm going to suddenly be overcome with a crazed lusting for his weirdness? Alla sudden I'm gonna gots ta get me some o' that?

Why Gus?


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