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2004-06-23 - 12:03 p.m.

Well... the weary travelers have returned! That ride home was lonnnnng.

We had a great time in Eureka Springs. The place we stayed in was unbelievably gorgeous. We had the whole ground level of a victorian bed and breakfast. It was absolutely wonderful. It had a full kitchen with french doors off the back and they led to a private balcony porch with a porch swing. The porch overlooked the garden area and there was a doe that kept coming up in the clearing. The deer are sort of tame and unafraid of humans so they walk right up in the yard. (and eat the flowers)

Here's the garden area

The interior was just beautiful. It had old hard wood floors, 2 arches between the living room and kitchen, french doors on the bedroom, and antique furniture. I could just live there.

The weather was cool. June is 2/3 over and it's cool there. Unbelievable.

I got a few decorating ideas from this place that I plan to use when I redecorate my room. Here's the bedroom:

Ahhh so nice

Living room

Fabulous jacuzzi tub

The manor was close to town, but it was located around a winding road that made it very secluded. This is a romantic place and it would be a great place to go for a honeymoon.

I took a bunch of pictures with my phone cam, but I haven't uploaded them yet and I don't feel like it right now. I will do that later.

We ate at the Bavarian Inn and brought back some german bread. We didn't have anywhere near enough time in Eureka Springs. The highlight of our time there was a ghost tour at the very haunted Crescent hotel:

This hotel was built in 1884 - 1887, and during the building process an Irish mason fell from the scaffolding and died in the area that became room 218. People see him sometimes and several of the rooms are haunted. The whole place is. The tour guides told us that many guests find their keys have been taken or switched for another room's keys, and that things happen in the rooms, like toilets flushing, lights going on and off, things being moved. While we were down in the lobby, some people went to the desk to report that their keys were switched. They were in room 315 and now they had the key for room 316. Another lady came downstairs and said the curtains wouldn't stay shut in her room and she had to move to a different room. A girl took a picture with her digital camera on the tour and caught a big orb in her picture.

On the tour they told us about Dr. Norman Baker, who wasn't really a doctor. He bought the hotel in the 1930's and made it into a cancer cure hospital. He was a quack and he was really killing people and doing horrible experiments on them. He did some live autopsies to "test pain thresholds". We saw the autopsy table he used. He would amputate limbs from live people and sew on limbs from corpses. He would not even articulate the bones, so the appendages just hung there, until they turned black and rotted off, or killed the patient with infection. He would do the operations and then send the patient home, "cured", and later they died at home. He claimed a very high success rate and he bilked families out of money when their loved ones were already dead and laying downstairs in the morgue. There were lots of horrible tales told on the tour, but the part we really loved was after the tour. The man who did the talking is a 70 year old clairvoyant named Carroll. We talked to him afterwards and he spent about an hour and a half with us, talking about all kinds of fascinating stuff. He told us about our auras and said we are good souls. He was great. We are going to go back and see him again. He owns a beautiful and haunted victorian mansion that used to be the home of another area doctor a long time ago. He said he has seen and communicated with "Dr. Ellis".

A lot of funny things happened on our trip and maybe Myra will make an entry and tell some of that. I have to go get Miss Abby from the kennel. She is going to be wild with joy. She gets extremely excited to see me when it's been a while. The kennel is really closed today and I might not be able to get her until tomorrow. I hope I can catch the lady who operates it today though.

Here's hoping!

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