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2005-04-19 - 11:47 p.m.

I feel like a noodle that has been cooked past the al dente stage and well into the overdone stage where a noodle will stick to the wall if you sling one. I just got out of the tub. I did not fling myself at a wall, so I'm not sure the noodle comparison is totally accurate.

Yes, I am a weird bird and I have nothing really earth shattering to say. I just felt the need to get the Abby update down. Abby is still doing fine by the way.

Today at work, I solved a big mystery. Those of you who work in the medical field could benefit from this newsflash, so brace yourself for the enlightenment.

We in the medical field often wonder why it is that human beings who are smart enough to graduate college and become Registered Nurses are not smart enough to work a computer, type anything, make a face sheet, or God forbid, make a tricky and incomprehensible label... and they certainly cannot ever be taught how to count the patients in the beds at midnight and record the admits and discharges for the day on the daily floor census. It simply cannot be done.

The answer to this age old mystery is that it is a calculated strategy. If you play dumb and pretend that you are incapable of the most elementary of tasks, you won't be expected to do them. Ever.

But I love the nurses. God blessem, every one. I have lots of good friends who are nurses. Can't get em to do jack shit, but hey... they are fun lunch buddies and they always have the most disgusting stories to tell.

They still like me even though I make them keep the annoying / demanding patients that they try to ship out before their course of treatment is finished. You should have heard the chorus of whining that broke out today when I told them they have to keep Mr. So-and-so for about 20 more days.


I love my job. I am on the verge of learning to keep my mouth shut and play dummy myself. Every time a problem happens, they ask my opinion and when I answer, it becomes my new responsibility. I'm in charge of the computers now. I'm the IT department. They found out that I know how to reformat and I knew how to fix the printer that wasn't working so now, I'm in charge of IT. I suggested that they send me to school for computer science and the CEO gave me the raspberry.

So uncalled for.

OK - gotta snooze.

Need greek food... tomorrow...


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