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2005-11-29 - 8:41 p.m.

All of a sudden I am getting a lot of play from the mens. I don't know why I am such a hot commodity all of a sudden, but it's pretty interesting, to say the least.

You know, Gentle Reader, that I've been suffering with a broken heart. I try not to write about that or anything sad in my blog. This is where I go to get my mind off that kind of stuff. I'm not out looking for a man, but I must be giving off a vibe or something, because I am getting a lot of new attention.

Something really interesting happened today and I am reluctant to tell it, because it seems so wrong on several levels... even Myra thinks it's wrong, and she's the DEVIL. But tell it I shall, and if it's too embarrassing, I'll erase it and speak of it no more.

I think I may have mentioned in the past that my chiropractor is a hottie. He's married to a battleaxe that gives him bloody Hell every day of his life, and the "married" situation makes him a no-no from the outset.

HOWEVAH... he is quite attractive in a nordic, devastatingly handsome kind of way. He's about 6' 4", medium build, graying hair, blue eyes, beautiful teeth, big smile. He apparently appreciates the Teets of Wilber. Or something. Here's what happened today:

I was getting a treatment on a machine that lightly hammers the vertebrae into place. It keeps on hammering until the machine detects that the bone has realigned. The female doctor was doing that part, but my chiro likes to do all the "hands on" stuff himself. ahem.

So when she was running the machine, she found some bad spots on my low back and when my doc came into the room she said "She's got some ugly spots today". My chiropractor said in this low growly tone "There's not an ugly spot anywhere on that woman."

ZOWIE! Zoinks! Yowza! And other exclaimations involving the letter "Z"!

So female doc says "Uh, well... she was jumping and oooohing and ouching a lot." To which he replied "Mmmm, lucky her".


Now that he said that, I'm thinking back to another day when he was talking about me being "in charge" and not the type of woman to take any shit. I thought it was odd that he was making these observations about me so I said "Moi? Sweet lil ole me?" and he said "Oh yeah, you definitely have the Alpha thing going on". He had a very sly grin that day and I wondered what he might have meant. So in retrospect... I'm starting to wonder about him in a whole new way. I wonder if he wants to be controlled or he wants to do the controlling. And just WHAT has he picked up from my personality??

I'm betting Dr. McCutie is somewhat kinky. And like Forrest Gump... that's all I'm gonna say about thayat.

So the lady chiropractor leaves the office and Dr. McCutie *orders* me, very authoritatively I might add, to go face down on the table. ahem. Color me cooperative, cause I hopped right up on the table. He felt all the spinal bones and then surprised me with a sudden... adjustment.

And that's all I'm gonna say about thayat. He did something else rather provocative, but I ain't sayin.

So I'm thinking he was in a mood and a half today. I totally missed that Alpha comment back when he said it, but I knew he was trying to say something. I just thought he was teasing me about being bossy.

This is all very amusing to me. He is married, so it's not like anything is going to happen, but it is nice to get attention from someone that I would actually consider if we were both available. Usually I attract guys I wouldn't spit on if they were on fire. Lately I have attracted 3 very attractive married men (and one crazy, married therapist). What's up with that? All purely accidental. I'm not trying to attract them and I don't know what is causing it. I ain't trying to share a man, so married guys are out.

I know one attractive, intelligent guy, who is just right for me, and not married, and there's nothing to stop us from being together, except he's apparently lost his mind somewhere in Philly. I'd rather have his attention than any number of married or otherwise unacceptable men, but the boy won't cooperate.

What's a girl to do?

What's that you said? Fool around with her chiropractor?!?!?! For shame!! Gentle Reader, FOR SHAME! I'm shocked and a little angry that you would even suggest such a thing!

Just kidding.

No hanky, and definitely no panky. Cause that would be janky. hehehe

Threw that last part in for Myramains.

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