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2003-11-02 - 4:34 p.m.

My name is Mike. I'm in the rehab cause my legs don't work no more. I've been in this chair for 5 years. Since I was 19.

I was cool though. My homeys can tell you that. The ones that still hang with me anyway. Some of my homeys had to move on, it's like they couldn't look me in my eyes no more. But I was the shit though. Cool as a motherfucker. I was down with the ladies, too. The ladies like a thug, especially a fine thug like me.

Then I got shot and they just left me like that. They had to run. I ain't holding no grudges. The police came, the ambulance picked me up. I had to do some time when I got out the hospital. That sucks. What you gonna do? I did my time like the rest.

My moms can't help me. She got problems of her own, know what I'm saying? So I stay wherever somebody let me hang for awhile. Then I move on when I got to. It's a good thing I got my Medicaid. I can stay in this hospital for awhile and let my sores heal up.

I can't feel them sores man. I have big sores that tunnel down to the bone and I can't feel 'em cause I can't feel my lower half. Them sores look like they would hurt like a motherfucker too. I can't feel when I go to the bathroom either. I can't control that. It's embarassing you know, but not like it was at first. Now my sores are infected and I can smell that. They are helping me here. They got to change my dressings with this special stuff they pack into those sores, and every time I shit, they got to change it again.

I want to better myself. I wish I could be in here to get walking again, but that ain't never going to happen. I will live the rest of my life in this chair. The people that work on me want to teach me about relieving the pressure off my ass so I won't get these sores. You got to move around every couple of hours to keep from rotting out where you ain't getting any air to it. It sucks to be like this.

But when I'm sleep, I'm up on my feet again. I can run, I can climb and I can get my freak on with the ladies. That's my favorite dream right there. I love when I dream about the ladies. I can feel it and it's almost like real. I wish I could sleep all the time and just be in that dream forever.

It sucks that the stupid shit you do when you a kid can mess you up for your whole life.


I work in a rehab, and the above is based on the facts of one of our patients. His name isn't really Mike, but he really is 24 and all the other facts are true. I just keep thinking about him. Sometimes a patient will haunt me. ~Teets

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