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2004-10-24 - 4:13 p.m.

A word of advice: Don't spend a substantial amount of time reading an addict's diary. Just don't do it.

It must be very depressing to live a life in which every damn thing is so complicated. Every single happening a possible downfall, every single day a struggle. Bleh. It's freakin depressing just reading about it, I cannot even fathom living it.

Thank goodness, no one in Teetsville is an addict. We are all about the simple life around here. We have a singular goal in this household today. That goal is to determine the absolute best possible place to have dinner and then go there. Yeah buddy. Important work is afoot here.

We are leaning towards Copelands, which is a cajun place for those of you who don't know. We could go to the Outback, Olive Garden, the new mexican place... or lots of other places. We just went to Red Lobster, so that's out. Myra has had an overload of BBQ, so that's out. I'm thinking Copelands.

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