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2004-02-17 - 2:56 p.m.

I am the medical records director of a hospital. I have a doctor who is a problem child. He does not like to dictate his discharge summaries, he does not keep his promises, and when I ask him to sign charts, he acts as if Iíve asked him for one of his kidneys.

He has neglected his dictation and chart completion for months on end. He has promised many times to ďcatch up over the weekendĒ. Iím still waiting. He promises, then he never ever delivers. I gave up on hoping for him to do his own dictation and I put the reports together myself. All he does is read off the discharge medications and instructions and tell about any abnormal labs or special things that happened during the stay. So I had 16 charts sitting here waiting for him, sent a fax to his office asking him to come by my office, and I basically held a stake out and waited like a spider for him to happen by.

I snagged him in the hallway. He weaseled away with promises of coming back by on his way out. Then he sent me a message ala Newman to tell me that he had to go. So I went in person and got him by the lab coat and brought him to my office. I told him it would only take him 10 minutes, TOPS, and then he was free till next time.

Reluctantly he pulled his pen out and started signing. As he signed his charts, he BITCHED about how old they are. He actually said ďItís not my fault you just now typed theseĒ. Iíve been sending a weekly fax to notify him of delinquent charts, Iíve told him in person at least once a week, and Iíve sent others to tell him and he had the nerve to stand there and bitch about his charts being old and delinquent!!

If you see a news item about a crazed medical records director beating a doctor to death with his own shoe, you will know what led to the violence.

These docs are just like children.


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