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2004-05-30 - 5:04 p.m.

Myra and I are trying to plan our vacation. We got overwrought while looking at one of my favorite weekend spots, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and now we are thinking crazy thoughts about selling all our shit and moving to Eureka Springs. hehe.

We could do it, if we wanted to. It's a fun fun thought to entertain. I called on a gorgeous, fantabulous, inn that we are going to stay at and found out it is for sale. FOR SALE! We could pool our resources and buy it. That area must be economically depressed, because the real estate prices are very low.

Here's another crazy thought that occurs to me: Did you know that resorts all over the world are looking for summer help? You can get a summer gig somewhere and spend the whole summer living at a great resort. The draw back is you have to be a maid or a bellhop, or some such menial type job... maybe a desk clerk, but the upside is they put you up all summer and feed you and you get paid. Might be a fun experience. I could do that, because I am totally unfettered by children and employers. I wish I had thought of this in the winter time so I could apply at some places. All the positions are probably filled at this point.

I talked to the reservation lady at the inn we are going to stay at and she told me she used to live in Texas and travel to Eureka Springs every chance she got. She has wanted to live in Eureka Springs for the last 8 years, and finally she just DID IT.

She applied for some jobs, found one, and moved. Her kids are grown, she had nothing holding her down, so she went for it. She says she wakes up everyday in paradise and is so happy to be living her dream.

That's what life is about, folks.

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