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2006-05-11 - 10:04 p.m.

OK, let me get the important business out of the way first:

Chatting will occur tomorrow night, (Friday) in MySpace, under the Religion topic in the forum, in the chat room called "other".


I'll be there at 9 pm central time. That's 10 pm Eastern. Let's do it.


Yesterday I mentioned the idiot who stalks me and the retribution he has coming his way soon. Here's the scoop on that: This Ass-wad has decided to stalk my cell phone. He calls me all during the night, as he is far too stupid to realize that I turn off my ringer when I get ready to go to sleep so that no one can disturb my sleep.

In the morning, I can look at my many missed calls and new text messages and see how many times this nipple head has gotten up during the night to make the effort to dial my number while I peacefully sleep. Then I laugh at his stupidity.

This mensa candidate always uses the *67 feature so his phone calls will show up as "Blocked ID". I guess he never has stopped to realize that he might as well just use his own number because he's very transparent and there also is such a thing as nuisance call tracing.

I am having his calling records sent to me from my cellular service and soon I will have it in black and white. I will be making 4 copies of this document. One goes to the police, one goes to his boss, one goes to his mommy, and one goes to him.

This winner is a pathological liar and he denies everything he does. He was staging an email stalking campaign, but this too is trackable and he almost got fired from his job for stalking people on his work pc. Since he's brilliant, he has sent me 3 more emails from his work pc and has made numerous tracable calls. So his employer, who barely allowed him to keep his job, will receive a new care package with all the evidence of his further stalking activities. Won't he be glad he gave dill-hole a second chance?

The fool just never learns. His boss said that instead of losing his job, he was getting his pay docked a certain amount for every one of the hundreds of personal emails he wrote on his work pc. Not just the ones he sent to me. All of his many personal emails were counted up. So he has already had some humiliation and financial hardship, and his co-workers are currently treating him like a leper.

I think the cops will go pay him a visit with a copy of the phone records and warn him to cease and desist. He's already paranoid and afraid of cops, because he engages in much illegal activity. That ought to rock his world for a day or two.

Let me make one thing crystal clear: This guy is not an ex-boyfriend. He's one of those losers I wouldn't spit on if he was on fire. I recognized him for exactly what he is right away.


If I told everything there is to tell about this wipe, you'd think I was making shit up. It is hard to believe anyone could be this guy and not be totally joking.

So there ya have it. The scoop.

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