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2004-02-08 - 2:09 p.m.

Dan a.k.a. his-holiness, commented to me that my profile pic was... ahem... "from high school".

I'd just like to say


And I might add...


But I digress.

While it is not true that it is a high school pic, it isn't recent either. It was the only pic I had scanned on my pc, so up it went. Also, I have no photoshop software, so I can't trim down another pic to fit that tiny 100x100 space in the profile, so you'll all just have to make do with vintage teets of wilber on the profile page. But I have a web cam shot that is poorly done, at a poor angle, in poor lighting, and has nothing going for it except it's state of recentness. I shall now post both pics for all to enjoy, but mostly for Dan, my dear friend who understands my taste in books.

Vintage Teets of Wilber

Prepare for an extreme closeup:

The Teets of Now

I'll post some nudies real soon. Just keep tuning in folks. Any minute now....


ps: This be my second post within mere minutes... so if you missed the last verbage of profundity do pop back a skosh. Ciao!

PPS: Thanks Poo-fuck, Proo-shlock, Fucknugget, (what was it?) for the cool link to my site. Preciate ya! I welcome the very few readers who read that site and came here from the link on Poo-fuck's "other site". I think it's cool when you follow the link he put in there to show everyone the lowest level of humanity, and it takes you straight to a nasty note posted by his wife. He's a funny guy.

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