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2004-09-01 - 9:29 a.m.

I've got this good friend named Willie. We are real tight and we go way back. Even though he is a chinese pug and I am a people, we don't let the language barrier steal our joy. We have the bond of music between us.

Willie owns a family of humans in another neighborhood. He has a nice house with a pool. This is now a problem, because Willie can't see or hear anymore. He has really gone downhill lately. One of his people, the one who really should be the most responsible, keeps leaving the gate open so he can wander outside where there are cars that he can't see or hear and letting him out into the yard where his deaf and blind ass can wander into the pool. He almost died earlier this summer when he was in the pool all day long, clinging to the side of it, trying not to die for about 8 hours straight.

He disappeared recently, because the large male human once again did not close the gate. He was missing for a couple of days. Just now, as I am writing this, I got the phone call that Willie is ok. I was going to write about how he is missing and we will never hear from him again, because being deaf and blind really hinders a guy's ability to see his way out of a culvert or the lake. But thank goodness, he is ok.

I am starting to wonder if his male human is trying to off him. Surely not. Poor Willie has had too many near fatal "accidents" lately. He's old and he can probably see shapes and hear just a little, but his faculties are diminishing and his days are numbered.

I'm so relieved that he is ok. This time...

In Other News:

I was awakened this morning by a racket that sounded very much like Myra was trying to kill a wild piglet in the bathroom. No, it was not constipation this time... it was Wibby Woo, strenuously objecting to having to get ready for preschool. This is week two and she has decided she's all done with it.

She was scrubbed, dressed, hairbrushed, and toothbrushed against her will, while squealing like a pig every step of the way.

Ah yes... lovely way to greet the new day.

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