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2004-04-13 - 11:52 p.m.

Windows Messenger has it fixed so that you can't use internet explorer or outlook if you delete their sorry ass, pop-up producing, shitty program. So, in essence, I have to tolerate their ridiculous pop-ups, or pay them 20 bucks to stop.


I am going to have to download spybot and run it to see if I can get rid of these pop-ups. The screen says I am blocking pop-ups, but they are still happening every couple of minutes.

OK, earlier, I did an entry and said I had re-coded a case and found about 3 grand more than they were going to get if it was sent in without my new codes, but here is an update to that: when the guy encoded the new info I gave him, it actually came to over 5 grand more that they will get on that one case!

I found some other shocking discoveries like that today, but 5 grand was the highest number I recovered on one case out of all the ones I did today. The owner of the hospital is going to be very happy. I hope I find him an obscene amount of money. This "found" money is money they missed, through poor coding, bad FIM scoring, and wrong impairment category selection, mostly. I'm not getting them anything they are not owed. (I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea.)

There's a boisterous redneck in the room next to mine. I've already had to listen to the sound of rednecks enjoying a TV show. At this point, I am just praying that I don't have to endure the nauseating sound of Joe Bob making sweet, sweet love to a crack whore.

Squeal like a piggy! I say, I say... SQUEAL like a pi... dad gummit gal, you're too late!

I didn't have to go there. I just grossed my own self out.


Some sleeping has got to happen up in here tonight. I am a light sleeper and even more so in hotels. I have trouble falling asleep, and then I wake up all through the night.

So here goes the old college try...

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