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2006-04-02 - 11:04 p.m.

We were some hard working girls here at the Casa de Teets this weekend. It was determined that we have too many thingamabobbers, do-dads, and whatnots. We also have quite a few widgets and do-whackies, some of which we have absolutely no use for. We ordered us up a container to be loaded with things we don't want and dragged away to the dump on Monday. I'll spare you the details of that whole episode, though there are a few stories in it.

Suffice it to say we yanked and grabbed and pulled and mercilessly hulled out pretty much every closet and cabinet in the place. We threw away things that escaped doom the last time we did this sort of thing. There was no mercy to be found. We filled that container up. We still have stuff to get rid of. It's amazing how much stuff you can cram into a closet.

I completely emptied the pots and pans cabinet and threw out some pots I don't use a lot. I got rid of jars and big cups that are really too bulky, and dishes I've not been so fond of. Tossed out scads of things out of the cupboards. Myra pulled everything out of the pantry and tossed a bunch of stuff from the garage. We hit almost every cabinet in the kitchen and every closet. I had a big roll of carpet that I'm never going to use... been saving it... buh bye.

It's a Junk-O-Rama.

The nosey, nosey neighbors were out in their nosey driveway, watching us like we were Lifetime movie channel.


They really get on our nerves, with their wee beady eyes.

But it's done, Jack. That sucker is loaded up to the hilt and ready to roll tomorrow.

The bug man comes at 3:00 pm. That's the second phase of spring cleaning 2006. First clear it out, thin out the possession herd. Second phase: exterminate. Third phase: scrub everything within an inch of it's very life. After that, I plan to get some estimates for some remodeling jobs I'm considering.

Geez. This is boring. I sound like a housewife. No offense to the housewives. It's a shitty job, but someone's got to do it, right? I did my time as a housewife. Now I'm a career woman who has to keep doing this crap anyway. There's no leaving it behind.

That's kind of depressing.

The weather has warmed way up. The 6 legged beasties are trying to come in and room with us. Every spring we start seeing these horrible "water bugs". They are ginormous.

How I hate them.

I'm going to have the exterminators come out once a month I think and just spare us from having to deal with any bugs this year. My dad does his own spraying. I should look into doing my own.

Who am I kidding?? I'm not doing any exterminating aside from wielding the occasional can of Bengal.

We also need some serious yard work done. That's another thing I am not doing. I'd rather pay somebody to do that stuff. I'm too heat intolerant for outdoor grunt work in Louisiana. I got mad at my yard troll from last year because his greedy ass tried to double charge me for cutting the grass last year. He skipped a week and then thought I would be ok with paying him for the week he didn't do it.

HA, says I.

In a pig's eye! Even.

Hell to the No!

Not happening, dude. So he quit mowing my grass. If I won't accept him ripping me off, he doesn't need my business. Who needs people that only pay you when you work? You gots to find you a bunch of suckers that will pay you whether you show up or not.

Kinda like my deal at work.


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