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2004-01-19 - 3:04 p.m.


I am daydreaming about other ways to make a living while I type like a crazed maniac in a futile attempt to finish what was laid on me over the weekend.

First, let me just clarify one important fact about my job: Im the department head. This fact makes it extra ridiculous that I am typing all the documentation for this hospital. I cannot think of any other hospital where the Director of Health Information does the transcription. I am essentially allowing myself to be abused. They had 2 women to do this typing before I took this Directorship. I cant refuse to do it, because the owner has deemed it a job responsibility of mine and he says the reason he is willing to pay me 8 grand more than an average HIM Director is because I save him this money by typing.

One other little fact: Once the census load goes over 12, the transcription becomes too much for one person to do in a 40 hour work week, especially if she has 3 other titles to fulfill.

Fact three: I came in this morning to find 10 count em, 10 tapes full of dictation in the drop box and 4 more have been dropped off since I started. The powers that be will not even allow me to send the overflow to a contract transcriptionist. Theres no way in Hell Im going to do all this typing today. This means it will overflow to tomorrow, when they will slam me again.

Theyve given me an impossible task.

So Im daydreaming about other ways to make money. I wish the Edge of Madness people would give me a full salary to work there all year, designing scares and making costumes and whatevah else there is to do. That would be cool. They all want me to do their astro charts too, so I could be their scare designer / astrologer. See, now THAT would be a cool job. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

I could go to work with a woman I know doing medical billing. She offered me a job once. I figured it would be low pay. I wonder if shed train me and help me cultivate my own clients for billing, meaning Id start out lower pay, but have the ability to make much more when a new client signs on. I know she turns clients away sometimes because shes at full capacity.

I really need a chiropractic adjustment. My head hurts and my back hurts. I missed my appt. last week, putting Binky into the hospital and all that fun stuff.

This rant was brought to you by the long-winded doctors who seem to be making a contest out of filling up my time.


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