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2005-05-03 - 9:18 p.m.

Howdy neighbors...

Can you say "Sober-N Worm Virus"?

I knew you could.

Guess what happened at work today? Yep, the whole company-wide network is eat up wit da worm virus. Or I should say, it was overtaken early on but I rose up against the demon and fought back.

I knew as soon as I opened this email that I'd been had, so I disabled my internet connection so it couldn't replicate and rape my address book. Usually I can spot a virus a mile away, but I got suckered in because it looked like a work file from an actual colleague.

I shut down the internet, ran a scan that came up empty, set up email scanning with Norton and turned it back on. A bunch of windows were popping up all over the place saying that my outgoing emails couldn't be sent because of malicious code and stuff. It was stopping my pc from sending out the infected files, but it was too new of a virus to be caught by my outdated Norton.

I had to figure out which specific worm it was. There was a long list of possible culprits. Once I knew it was a certain kind of virus, I knew what to look for to get rid of it. I found a free virus cleaner online that was supposed to take out the Sober worm, but it only covered Sober-A through Sober-L. Naturally, mine was Sober-N. There for a horrible moment, I thought the virus was too new to even have a fix for it, but I easily found another virus cleaner that covered the Sober-N. Now it's all cleaned up and my pc is working fine again.

This has further sealed my fate as the one they look to for computer help. They think I know more about it than I actually do. They won't believe me when I plead ignorance about computer matters.

I had to help the big boss clean his worm... wait that sounds vulgar, let me rephrase that.

So as I was saying, I helped the big boss clean his laptop... hold up... that's not right either... So anyhoo...I helped him remove the virus from his notebook computer.Yeah. That's what I did.

Some people are dirty minded, dontcha know.

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