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2006-02-20 - 8:47 p.m.

I had an unexpected day off today. We had an ice storm or some such nonsense. My car had about a half inch of ice all over it when I went out to scrape the windshield. That may not sound like much to you northern dwellers, but you have to keep in mind that we Louisiana residents are a tropical people.

The whole state of Louisiana can close down due to a little bit of cold stuff. Cajuns cannot drive on ice. Roads were closed and weather advisaries were severe, but I was getting ready to go to work anyway. I finally called work to see how things were looking in Shreveport, because it's a pretty long commute for me to get there, and the receptionist was appalled that I would even attempt it. She said "Have you lost yo' dern mind?" She scolded me for planning to drive a hundred miles in an ice storm. She told me to stay home and don't even think about trying to get there. She said the interstate was not moving and the local people could barely get to work. So I happily took a day off. If it's bad tomorrow, I'll stay home again. Woohoo!

I don' need no steenkeen yob.

I have trouble deciding when things are bad enough to actually stay home. The boss didn't go today either. I guess he'll be ok with me not going.

I wasted a good hair day. I wish I had known I wasn't going before I got out of my warm bed, and did full hair and make-up. I had a nice day though.

Hey! Do you love a bargain? I do. Last Friday I collected up on a good bargain. There is a store that is going out of business and they have not announced it yet. They are going to sell everything they've got at a very low price. They'll go below cost on some things. My friend's son works there and gave us a chance to come in and grab stuff before the public gets invited. I bought a big gorgeous piece of art, a picture for my bedroom, wind chimes, and 4 decorative hanging glass globes with candles inside. I'm redecorating my room. I saw a gorgeous room divider screen that looks like 3 cathedral windows hinged together and I've decided to buy one of those to use as a headboard. It is going to be awesome. The regular price is $450.00 but I am getting it for 50% off or maybe even more. The guy let me have the big wall picture for cost. Way less than 50% off. If he can cut me a super deal on the room divider screen, he will. I just want to buy up a bunch of those things. It would be cute to mount one on a wall and then place a somewhat ornate dark wooden bench with upholstered cushions right in front of it and it would look like a piece of gothic furniture. Not that I'm going for the goth look, but it is intriguing. It's going to be great as a headboard. Maybe I'll take some pics when I get it all done. I'm painting my room for this. I went and got paint strips to help me decide which colors to go with. I want something dramatic and very different.

We shall see.

I feel much more like decorating and being artistic than working these days.

Come on ice storm...

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