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2003-12-14 - 11:04 a.m.


Me and Binky hit the ground running with all of Saturday ahead of us. We were ready for action. We had money. We had energy. We had all day to shop. There was not a single parking spot open at the whole mall. It was crazy. We had to circle and wait for someone to leave.

When all was said and done, I failed to find the one thing I was looking for, BECAUSE EVERYONE WANTS IT AND NO ONE HAS IT, and I ended up buying only 1 present. I got a few things the last time we went shopping, but I still have to buy Bink's stuff and something for Dad.

I just MIGHT get something for my ex and his wife, although I'm rather pissed off at them for being such cheap asses that they gave Binky a T-SHIRT for her birthday. She doesn't wear T-shirts. It's as if they don't care at all whether or not their gifts are liked or used. The cheap price tag is the only consideration. Binky has everything she needs and most of what she wants, but still, you'd think her father could break her off a little bling-bling for her birthday. He has a new large screen TV in his living room and a new camera. He claimed he was getting her a 35 mm camera for her birthday, but when that fell through he got her a T-SHIRT. And he, coincidentally, has a new 35 mm camera.

Let's review the thought process here, shall we? Here's how it must have gone:

"What shall I get for my precious daughter whom I never see, and whose living expenses and education I do not contribute to in any way? What do you get for someone you love so very much but due to circumstances you only get one or two opportunities a year to demonstrate the love with some kind of a meaningful gesture or keepsake? Well, I hear tell she would like to have a 35 mm camera. Let's see... maybe I'll get her that camera she wanted. Yes... yes indeed. That, or a T-shirt."

He got her a T-Shirt, folks.

She doesn't even expect anything from him anymore. He didn't even pay for her plane ticket to come visit him.

So for christmas, I'm thinking of getting the wife a T-Shirt that says "I'm With Stupid" and of course his T-Shirt will say "Stupid". I'm telling you, if I go to Gadzooks today and they have those on the T-Shirt wall, that's what they're getting.

Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Men.

And stuff.

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