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2004-04-17 - 3:13 p.m.

I am in the process of getting my yard cleaned up, the grass mowed, edges trimmed, branches removed, debris raked. Whew! Whatta lotta work!

You may ask yourself how I am typing an entry while immersed in such a taxing frenzy of physical labor. I am able to accomplish all this important yard work in the coolness of my own home through the miracle of the lawn guy. I'm not much for the yard work. There are bugs out there. The front yard looks great. Lawn guy is working on the backyard now.

I've got some trees growing way too close to my house and the roots could damage my foundation. I feel sort of like I should sell my house and get the heck out before it crumbles around me.

I spent a lot of my Saturday trying to get dog pee out of my wool rug. Abby must have had the urge to splurge. I think Possum the cat added to it.

I went to the store and asked for something to take the smell of pee out of a rug and this very manly woman told me to use vinegar on it first, to "neutralize" the smell. "Neutral" is not the effect I received.

The rug was smelling like ass, and after I doused it with vinegar, it smelled like Feet-N-ass. Ahhh... much better. Really, it smelled like we were making pickles in here. So I used some kind of miraculous cleaning stuff that is supposed to neutralize bad smells. I mixed it up, I poured it on... it still smells like the classic fragrance "piss and vinegar". So nice.

So I have basically cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned some more. I went over and over the same spot a million times with different cleaners and the last few times was just clean water. I think I've done all I can for this situation. It is still damp, so I am going to wait until it is dry and then take a whiff. If it still smells like pee or vinegar, I'm going to call a professional carpet cleaner in. If that fails to work, I'm going to yank the rug out of here and just have BARE FLOORS!!!

I thought having hard floors and an area rug would be great, because if a pet did pee on it, it could easily be cleaned.


Oy, that rug cost me a lot of money.

Happy news: My yard is done and it looks mahvelous. I feel like I could use a nap. I wore myself out on that rug.

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