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2004-07-30 - 2:30 p.m.




Yes! The doctor said the stuff in her lungs is NOT cancer. There is still the question of just what is it, but whatever it is, it AIN'T CANCER!!

It could be emphysema, or Sarcoidosis, or one of several other things, but the girl does not have cancer.

We are greatly relieved!! Jubilantly happy!! Muchly thankful!!

I feel like she has her life back, I have my life back, and the boy, Elvis Jr. really dodged a bullet, cause I'm way meaner than his mom. We told him if anything happened to her, I was his new mom, and then I did some maniacal laughter and finger wiggling in his general direction. I'm the one who imposes the rules around here.

He knew something was up. Now he can go back to being a carefree kid.

The doc wants to watch Myra and re-scan her in a while to see if the stuff is growing. They tested her for everything under the sun and a few things in the shade, so the doctor said they should know what it is within a couple of weeks.


How do you spell relief?

C-A-N-C-E-R F-R-E-E!!

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