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2007-09-20 - 1:12 p.m.

First of all... let me just say that I had to fight the urge to leave an entry that just says "Made you look again."

Fought it, people.

I just had a pretty good laugh that was caused by an image in my head that may not even translate well into narrative form... but here goes...

You know those little "white strips" that people use to keep their teeth nice and white? Well, there's a side effect. It's a funny side effect when it happens to someone else.

My sister, myramains had some of those white strips and she was using them enthusiastically.. until she experienced the dreaded "zinger".

A zinger is the hair-raising, nerve jangling, eye crossing, insane jolt of electric zappage that can happen to the tender nerve of a tooth when using any kind of tooth whitening process. Not everyone gets zingers, but sister was a lucky winner.

We were in her truck, about to go someplace when alla sudden, she just froze in her tracks. I looked over at her and she looked like she was having some kind of an episode. I can't exactly describe the look on her face, but it was freakin hilarious. I just knew, without even asking, what was happening to her. I could see the mind numbing agony all over her dumbfounded gaze.

She looked like she'd just been gonged over the head with a spiked mallet.

I was laughing my ass off while she was sitting there in total stunned immobility. She was sporting the funniest facial expression I've ever seen. Later she said that when a zinger happens, all you can do is sit there and drool.

That makes me laugh so hard it hurts.

So every now and then, I just replay that little clip from the archive of hilarious images that I store in my head. She probably has no idea of how many seriously good laughs I've had about that little slice of hell she endured.

This is how I amuse myself when I'm BORED with work. Or when I need a good laugh.

I don't enjoy that my sister, whom I love, had a painful thing happen to her. But, even though I am a bad person and all, it was flippin hilarious. My goofy sister is funny all the time, whether she means to be or not.

She can reduce me to a whimpering mess of exhaustion from laughing any time she gets ready to. All she has to do is sing a certain parody that she wrote... and I am still waiting for her to record that song for me.

My birthday is coming up...

Oh, the moral of the story is either "Sometimes your pain is funny to others", OR "Siblings are a good thing".


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