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01/13/09 - 1:15 pm

I'm happy today. I've got me a new plan that I think might work out well for me. I asked my boss if he would let me come in at 7 instead of 8 and leave at 4 instead of 5. This is good for me, because I only have to get up 30 minutes earlier to get there on time but I get to leave a whole hour early. This will feel great to me as I generally lose the will to live when I have to stay later than 4. I am just over it by 4 pm every day. I always hated having to stay here till 5. I find that excessive. Especially since I don't go on breaks or take a whole hour for lunch. I am a department head for the love-o-God. I should be able to wander in by 8:30 and breeze on out by 3:30. But noooooo..

I came in early today, left my house about 3 minutes ahead of the new scheduled time, and then there was a stupid car accident right next to my exit near my workplace. I fervently wish people were not such complete and utter imbeciles with the driving. There are SO many car accidents around here!! Texas drivers in general are aggressive and obsessed with speed. Apparently they are low on knowledge of physics too, because they don't seem to realize that if you merge into a lane and a car is already there, it will make a collision and mess up traffic for everyone else. It will also mess up your car, fool, and possibly mash your lumpy head even more. Ya know?

So, color me delighted anyway though, because when I got to work I was sort of the first one here, with no one to realize what time I actually came in. This is the good stuff. No more stress about being on time. I get here before the time nazi. W00t!

I got up at 6 am instead of 6:30 and just did the basics - wash face, brush teeth, fix hair, get dressed. I brought my makeup with me and had breakfast here. I put on my make-up here. Cut my getting ready time in half. I'll take my showers and baths at night and just get ready fast in the morning. The boss said he loves the 7 am part but he isn't too keen on that whole 4 pm thing. I told him that struck me as quite a coinkydink since I don't like the 7 am thing but the 4 pm part is better than cake. We agreed that this will be a trial basis, but I think he will find that he likes it since he never needs me after 4 anyway. He hasn't lost anything in this deal. Lord knows I haven't been doing much work after 4 pm anyway!

I booked my GYN appt.so I can stop avoiding my ceaselessly harping loved ones who all believe in regular check ups. I have to wait till March for this appt. I'd like to go on and get it over with but that's not an option.

I could use a nap. I'm outta here in 2.5 hours!! Woohoo!

Later gators. :-)

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