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2014-12-29 - 4:31 p.m.

I had the song "Take me to Church" by Hozier stuck in my head over Christmas and I severely love it. So this led me to look up his other work.

Holy Lord I am in love.

He has a song called "From Eden" that just grabs me from the very first listen. His voice is so rich and so absolutely perfect. So strong and clear and just awesomeness in audio form. His lyrics are intelligent and deep. I understand that "From Eden" is a cover, but "Take me to Church" was written by this utterly intriguing, super-humanly talented guy. Hozier is an Irish singer/songwriter. My new favorite artist. His music speaks to me in a deep way.

I love youtube. I've been listening to his full album on repeat since I discovered it. I'm going to go buy both of his albums the next time I leave my house. I go buy the CD when I love love love the music. Support the artist and whatnot...

Some music makes me feel the very same feelings as romantic love.

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